Saturday, February 26, 2011

In sickness and In health

I've always hated being sick.
Okay, maybe not always, maybe during the times being sick excuses me from studying/working..i.e

But the point is,
Being sick is just...
Well.. sickening :(

Its not just about the fever, flu and cough.
Mind you, Ive been through alot worse
Though not as bad as really HUGE sickness, like having your body organ malfunctioning or something..
I've been sick that I scare the wits out of my loved ones~~

I was not a frail girl,
I was with a pinkish dash on both of my full cheeks,
running around and not caring for a second, that I might catch a cold running through the wet pouring rain.

I became one though,
after I lost my childhood and gradually grown to a young adult.
I've always been a sick sick, terribly fragile little thing.

At the age of 13-15 I was always having gastric,
particularly every morning..
I learnt not to eat
For eating makes me weak!
Not kidding. It hurts alot during digestion.
Having tummy ache at school and missing my home's toilet is not something I would want to experience again.
Looking back, it was always the trip to the dirtyy dingy girl's wash room and the sanctuary room that made up my school day.
Other than that, I was happy to stay home and be sick.
At least the toilet's clean.

Catching the flu germ is a hell of a nightmare,even the slightest bit, because hey after all the green snotty stuff that just blocked 80% of my air circulatory system, they just go deeper into my throat and make me choke and spit gooey greyish yellow stuff out,.
Not mentioning the cough.

The casual cough.
  • becomes...The cough + spam = spitting huge chunk of slime
  • becomes....The dry cough
  • becomes.. The never ending cough + chest pains

Resulting in

Nope it was not the end.
One faithful day in 2008.
My body felt hot and then cold, then hot then cold, and vice versa.
And all of the sudden I began shaking,
Trashing, shivering, moaning, crying....

Fever sky rocketed!!!!


>infection> Lungs : bronchitis.
>infection> urinary system : shortage of water
>WEAK> Blood cell system
.................why??> Red blood cell count is low, and small in size

resulting in me,
for 16 years,
I had.. Thalassemia.

Oh yes. Its heredity. Wonder my dad or mom had it.
At least its a minor trait, i wont die or something.
Just only one of four of my child's gonna get the major trait, if their daddy had the same blood type as mine.
Thank God the person Im marrying is as healthy as a horse.<3

After that, Im closely confined concerning my health.
My dad just went crazy trying to make me healthy and my boyfren's jumping along buying me all these health products .
Aww, who wouldnt be touched?
They were the ones who slept through the whole night for a week at the hospital,
taking turns watching out for me :)

I have another terrifying attack few months later,
hospitalized after a weeks worth of torture:(
During that week I was laid in my boyfriend's house, resting//
Gideon gave me his room while he slept outside on the sofa, and his brother Daniel went for military camp..
Mind you,
I smelled like sweat and fish!
I didnt get to shower for the fear of cold and heat mixing in..

Then the docs said..
:"Hey, it looks like you got a major cyst in your ovum! Now dont worry dear, we're gonna chop off your right ovary so you wont die as a result of infection and Hey! You still can get pregnant trough your other ovary!"

Imagined Me. Horrified. Bedridden, sick, exhausted..and smelly..
Responding to the news im gonna have my ovary CHOPPED off.
Okay maybe he didnt say chopped off, but thats what i remember in my mind~

Now all Praise and Glory to my king,my God :)
I prayed and hey, turns out the docs are delusional.

And yes, the end story is that I get to keep my right ovary, waiting for the cyst to just pop and burst and yes, Im gonna have some happy childbrearing times in the near future! <3

Its 2011 now.
So far I've only have large ulcers in my mouth tugging at my pain receptors.

Well Im just gonna believe,
that aint no destruction's comin my way no more!!
I am made healthy in Jesus' name :)

I thank God, truly, for the two precious man in my life!
My daddy and my honey~