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Bangkok Day 2 : Sampeng Market and Terminal 21

2nd Day itinerary 
25/11/2013 (Mon)
9am: breakfast
9:30am: stroll through sampeng market 
12.30pm: have lunch at KFC Yaorawat(situated inside Tesco)
1:15pm: head to hotel to rest and dress up 
2.30pm: head to Terminal 21
4pm: tea time at Pier21@terminal 21
4:30pm: continue shopping at terminal 21
6pm: head back to Yaorawat 
6:30pm: dinner at Yaorawat 

Sampeng Market
Sampeng market at Chinatown is some 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel.. You'll spot it once you come to a turning into an alley with many stalls on the side. 

Prices here goes by wholesale~ Everything can be found here except for clothes! 
Get a luggage bag here as it is cheaper than other places selling the same ones. 

My vintagey luggage at Sampeng Market

I got this simply because it looks pretty but trust me, it isnt enough for the amount of shopping I was going to do the next day! My solution for space was to buy a big hand carry plastic cargo bag that costed like 80 baht (RM8).

Things from Iphone covers to blankets...etc

My favorite shops here include a cosmetics store, it's ran by Thai Chinese merchants and they give real good prices. They even converse in mandarin so it makes buying easier.

Some Cosmetic Haul from last year's shopping
Even if some of their make up products are knock off counterfeits, you can't really tell the difference~~ I bought a counterfeit Benefit Nude pallet just for the fun of it, and went to compare with my friend's authentic one. We could barely contrast both~ 

Terminal 21
Anyway after our stroll at Sampeng Market, we head back to rest. The next shopping destination is Terminal 21, I wanted to come here as I've read so much about it on other blogs. 

Basically it's a shopping mall designed in the concept of an airport. Every floor of the mall is very unique as each carries a theme of different countries - Rome, Paris, Japan, Istanbul, London, San Francisco...etc...

Looks like an airport right?
This would be, hands down, the most interesting and pretty shopping mall I've ever been.
The designers in charge of beautifying Terminal 21 are real good! They pay attention to even the smallest details. 

Every floor has a Departure/Arrival board

For such a beautiful place, it is natural to see photo crazed females with cameras in hand running around everywhere and taking pictures with just about every displays! No exception for us~ :p

Make sure you go to all the washrooms on different floor! They match the theme of the floor they are on, its really fun to see~ Here are some photos and selfies below..
San Francisco Bridge

I wont spoil much of the toilet discovery fun for you :) Anyway this is Paris washroom theme~ so classy :p

My favorite floor: London :)

Sumo statues at Tokyo Floor

Mission statement : Take photos in every washrooms!

Even staffs dress in themes! I'm posing with a royal guard~ hehe
Giant Oscar Awards at Hollywood Floor :)

Anyway after the relentless photo taking sessions, our tummies growled. I would recommend going to the foodcourt called Pier 21 for some good reasonably priced food.

Pier 21 - designed like.. well.. like a pier :)

Here's a thing about Bangkok's foodcourt, you dont pay for your food directly at the stall. Instead you acquire a sort of foodcourt debit card by exchanging however much money you want at a counter, and spend that money in the card. Remaining balance can be refunded back. :) I like this system as it is really quite systematic and hassle free. 
(Remember to refund your money on the same day, if not you wont get it back anymore...)

The foodcourt debitcard like card

Most food we ate here tasted meh. The Tom Yum was ok, I had oysters and it was so so as well.
If Im not mistaken, green curry fried rice is really recommended here and so is sticky mango rice.

Spot my favourite Mango rice!
This coconut icecream tasted even better than the one at Chatuchak!

Tokyo floor has many little boutiques that shouldn't go uninvited! There are quite some gems and are in reasonably good price. I got a nice  high waist floral skirt for 390 Baht and my students got a number of tops here below the price of 300 Baht. If you see something you like here, grab it! :) There are  many stores selling men's clothing at London floor, and also a shop selling everything ducks!

Skirt from Tokyo Floor 
I got this Star Ducks shirt. It was too cute. Its actually for children, I got it in the size of XL and it fits fine. :)

After that we head back to Yaorawat to have our last dinner there.
So that concludes my 2nd day at Bangkok! Till thennnn~~

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bangkok Day 1 - Yaorawat and Chatuchak

As said, this is my blogpost on my shopping trip to Bangkok. I did not venture into any touristy stuff such as elephant shows, Calypsos, Cabaret shows or whatsoever! But you can implement those as you plan out your own Bangkok trip. Any-who, I did go to places that interest me and the others such as Dr Jone's orphanage.. Asiatique..etc. But for now here's Day 1 :)

1st Day Itinerary 
24/11/2013 (Sun)
7:50am: Flight to Bangkok
9:30am: Touchdown
10:20am: Reach Hotel, still cant check in yet
10:30am: Head to Chatuchak to shop and have lunch
2:30pm: Head to Hotel and Check in and rest
6pm: Buy toiletries and scout for dinner at Yaorawat

Me and my pretty Milky

3 kiddies, haha
So there are 5 of us, 3 of them are my students and the other is my colleague. 5 of us arent really big sized so yeah can squeeze into a taxi just fine. :)

Anyway make sure to set a day to visit Chatuchak as it is really big. It has over 8000 stores Omg only now I know. (We walked like less than 100 stores already feel so tired.) It only opens on Fridays (1600-2400), Saturdays and Sundays(both 0900-1800).  

There's so many many things here. From clothes to furniture, to plants to even cute little dogs and reptiles.

What I would really recommend here?
Their sweet orange juice (it's actually tamarind) with totally no sugar added. Delicious!
Coconut Ice cream, definitely!

Yummy Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Anyway try not to get too carried away buying clothes here as there could be cheaper ones at Pratunam. A dress here that is selling at 390 Baht is priced at 110 Baht at Pratunam! But not all clothes can be found at Pratunam so unless you really really like it, just get it! You might not find it again~ 

Instead, focus more on bags and shoes as there is little of those at Pratunam.
I got myself a pair of ballet flats for 150 Baht and a real nice hoodie jacket.
Anyway The BF got an authentic leather jacket at one of chatuchak's narrow alleys last year
and the quality is really good! Below is a pic of him wearing it :)

Once our legs became jelly and we had enough of Chatuchak (We didnt even get to see the cute puppies) we headed back to rest. 

Dinner at Yaorawat
Just walk down from the hotel and start walking the street, there'll be
 many many stalls all set up ready to serve customers! 
Make sure not to go too late ..when we went down at 9pm for supper, many stalls have closed~
You'll be amazed to see many stalls selling Bird's nest at 150 Baht a bowl 
and shark fin soup at 300 Baht...

I'm not a big fan of Shark fin but Fish Maw is really tasty! You should give it a try :)

Anyway there is a particular stall that is a great favorite of the Bf and mine,
and once I introduced it to my companions they agreed the food was really good.
Its a stall operated by an old lady and 2 female workers, they sell all sorts of stuff but the most yummiest would be their seafood tom yum and beef fried rice!


Hmm how to pinpoint their location...
Its actually quite some walk from the hotel, just keep walking straight...
its near and opposite (not directly)  of Tesco supermart and its actually just at the mouth of Sampeng Market's main entrance. In the morning Sampeng entrance  look like this:

Hope you can find it! Just spot a corner stall with an old lady working the wok! She fries really good! 
There's tables and chairs set up so it shouldnt be hard to spot.

After that we bought some snacks at 7-11 and went back to rest for a great day ahead!
You must buy their Yakult tasting drink! Its called Bitagen there, its so cheap and so yummy. Not too overly sweet and sourish like ours taste like here in Malaysia~~ 

Anyway this concludes my 1st Day at Bangkok, stay tuned for updates! :)

Bangkok Trip (Shop till you drop)

Sa Wa Deeee Kahhhhhh~~
So I was at Bangkok last Sunday for five days! It's my second trip there, last year being the first. The food and the shopping was too good that I stalked AirAsia website almost everyday just to grab a cheap getaway.

My 2012 shopping spree at Pratunam, Bangkok. 

So in the end I nicked a RM300 (roughly) return flight and there were 5 of us going as a group. :)
So before I blog about my trip and the places to go, here are some tips and advice for those of you shopaholics who are planning to go there! (Click here to go straight to Day 1 of my Bangkok trip.)

How many people?
Firstly, I think going in a group of 4 is the most ideal. As they say, there is security in a company. :) Last year I went with my BF, his sister and a close guy friend; it was a good mix because we can do our shopping seperately - meaning the guys can leave us girls to roam about and not worry.. Taxi fares would cause far less since we all can share, we can try a variety of food by sharing around as opposed to just 2 people buying limited food.

This year there were 5 of us, all girls, we still could fit into a taxi (although rules clearly do not allow it, but hey they dont really care). It's best to go with friends that have similar taste in clothes with you when it comes to shopping in the wholesale area in Pratunam, so you wouldn't have to fork out more cash for clothes that can go cheaper if bought in quantities.

5 of us - Group Shot at one of the washroom at Terminal 21 :)
From left- Joey, Me, Ally, Milky and Jinne

For those going alone, in duos or in threes, going around town in tuk-tuks are good.. So is Bangkok's BTS skytrain, it can get you to major destination points and the people working there are real helpful too.

Where to stay at Bangkok?
For the first two nights we stayed at Yaowarat, which is Bangkok's Chinatown. 
The reason being: the endless variety of  food there during evening time is awesome! 
and during morning time there is a huge morning market which offers very cheap wholesale stuffs 
from accessories to shoes to makeup. (Especially the makeup!!) 

Night Scene of Yaorawat Chinatown

Pratunam wholesale Market
The other two nights were spent at Pratunam,
 this is where the shopping really gets started. 
Pratunam wholesale market is really where most vendors go to restock their clothes supply~

Hotel suggestion 
For Chinatown/Yaorawat, I recommend staying at Chinatown Hotel just because it is reasonably priced, I stayed here for the second time. It has free wifi, comfy rooms, situated opposite 7-11, just in front of Chinatown street where it turns into a food paradise once evening sets in. 
(Though when I stayed here this year, the bathroom door somehow doesn't fully shut?? I wonder why. We didn't mind, just took caution not to accidentally peek inside)

Chinatown Hotel, Bangkok

For Pratunam, the Hotel I stayed last year was the best. First House Hotel is situated just at the heart of pratunam wholesale market, it's really literally shopping just outside your doorstep. It's good in a sense that once you're tired, you could always retreat upstairs to rest and place your shopping and then continue again later on. 

First House Hotel, though it isn't as bright as the picture. I stayed here last year.

I stayed at Siam Star hotel this year and it was terrible. The hotel and room was ok, it's just that it's a long way walking to the market and it wasn't convenient at all. It is however very near the railway station. 

Check out Agoda, Asiarooms, Airasia hotel, or even the hotel's website itself to find the best rate available. 

The rates I got for Chinatown hotel was rm110 a night for 2 people, and about rm100 a night for 2 people for Siam Star Hotel. Plus the taxes and stuff my own total hotel expenses is roughly about rm 200-250 for 5D4N.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel! One day I'll stay there in my coming visits to Bangkok :p
Of course this is just a suggestion for those who would prefer a budget but good stay. 
Do Check out other hotels and reviews too for alternatives~~ 

How much should You budget?
Thai Bahts. Rm 1 = 10 Baht
Last year I brought along rm1500 (15000 baht) and I really did buy so many things and still have rm200 left~ which I used to buy a pretty evening gown. This year I thought I would spend more so I brought rm1700 but still only manage to spend rm1400 despite buying so many things and eating so many yummy stuff.

During the 5 days here, I only spent a total of rm 80 for transport since I'm sharing with 4 other people~ 

If you're concerned it's not enough, bring along some local currency and change it there~ currency exchange stations are everywhere around the corner.

Luggages and what to pack?
I did not check in any luggage when going to Thailand as there is really no need for the hassle. I only brought  a backpack and a handbag to bring along while I shop.

There are countless stores in Bangkok that are selling luggage bags for shopaholics to stock their clothes in from rm10-50, depending on what type of bag you want. Last year I bought a big sturdy plastic pulley luggage bag for only rm38 and it held all of my shopping. You can purchase a 20kg or 25kg luggage check in when coming back to Malaysia.

I brought 2 pairs of casual clothes since I will be buying more clothes there, it makes sense to just pack light! :D for toiletries... shampoos and soaps are cheap in Thailand as most brands such as Sunsilk is manafactured there so it's really much cheaper. Just pop into any convenient stores or supermarkets and stock up! 

What else? 
Taxis here go by meter and starts at 35 baht, but some taxi drivers may want to try to give you a higher price and not go by meter. For example going to chatuchak market, a taxi driver quoted 200 baht but when I got on a metered one it only costed 110 baht! 

Tuk Tuk

Also, be wary of tuk tuks that bring you on a tour. Usually they will bring you to certain shops and force you to buy some products .. (As read from other blogs)

Make sure you do enough research on what to do and where to go. So let's start! Continue on to read my first day at Bangkok!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

After a Long Hiatus!

Dear bloggie of mine,

I must apologize for neglecting you!
So many things happened and the world kept spinning, I just coudnt find time to update!
(Okay well maybe I do have time, but the trip from my room to the computer outside is just so darn far. -___-)

In just a blink of an eye, its 2013 already.
Soo soooooooo much time has passed.
Here I am now in the living room. having another round of insomnia(its 4:30 am..) finally deciding to update cuz my fingers are twitching and I miss writing.

I shall recount on major events that occured after my last post, which was about my trip to Phillipines~

1) Hair Extensions During November 2012

New Hair Extensions :)
Referring to my previous post about my hair, some may be aware that I was not too happy with the condition of my mane. Since the day I chopped off my beautiful wavy ash-brown curly hair last chinese new year, my hair did not get any better. Its been a year now, my hair has not grown much (due to some trimmings cuz of split ends). I was so desperate I went searching for an alternative other than clip on extensions and such.

Fortunately I came across a blogger who reviewed a good salon providing extensions service. I must say it costed a bomb!I just went ahead and did it anyway, and I am much happier!

How I like to Style my extensions :)
I did it at IP salon, Leisure Mall. Its mid February now and the hair condition is great! That is saying something because I kept exposing them to heat, they look slack and dull if not curled or waved. Most  of the time I just used the no heat method though, through curlers and hair foams.

I know I mentioned Im not gonna do any drastic changes to my hair for a year, but I couldn't help wanting to try something new. There is something about hair that affects your whole outlook! And besides, the extensions are tied in with rubber bands, no damage done.

2) I turned 20 - December 9 2012

Gosh I feel so old.
My birthday was great and thats because Im surrounded with great family, friends and my beloved boyfriend! 

3) Shopping Paradise at Bangkok 

All my shopping!
I was so looking forward to Bangkok, I couldnt sleep the night before the flight. Gideon gave me a sum  of $$ for my shopping expense as my birthday treat <3

I went there primarily to shop fro my Christmas and CNY clothes :p along with Gideon, Rachel and James. We went to China town, Khaosan Street and of course, Prathunam>>Paradise!!
I just went berserk , looking at the prices of the clothes. A dress that is priced rm 35 here in Malaysia is just RM 13 there at Bangkok. Wowza~ 

See the heart and star necklace? Its just freaking RM 3 each, the rose slippers only rm 5!
I am definitely going back there to restock my closet.

4) Maid of Honour for Miky's wedding

My friend Miky had the most beautiful wedding Ive ever witnessed :) It was such an honour to be able to be a part of the joyous occasion, even more so to be a bridesmaid and also maid of honour.Hazel, Cheryl and I got to dress in beautiful pale pink dresses and wearing cute floral halos. It was really sad  Katherine couldnt join us though, she had the pox. :(

Honestly, I have not a single idea on how to be a MOH, I only see them catching the bouquet that was tossed by the brides in the movies! I wished I could have helped out more, but I dont often see Miky.. I really learned alot planning the games for the bridal door event, observing Miky in her wedding planning stage. A wedding simply isnt done in a day! It took so much effort and time @__@ Nevertheless, all the hard work paid off. :)

The full Bridal party! (I nearly slipped - whoopsie.. :p)

Here's wishing a Blessed marriage to the beautiful couple
Miky and Bryan <3

5) Teacher/Supervisor at T&D Homeschool

In case you dont already know, Im a teacher.
Yes, its hard to believe baby faced petite little me is in fact a teacher, not teaching kids but hormones raging teenagers!

Homeschooling isnt new news in Malaysia, its been around for the longest time in fact. Yet many arent aware of this education system. Its legal here in Malaysia, many parents sought after homeschooling as an alternative to the local government school. 

I really like my job. Hehe.
Other than writing, singing and among other things, teaching is one gift I realized I had within me after completing high school. Here, Im in charge of about 20 teens and I supervise and guide their work, monitor learning progress and set aims and goals for them.

No one said it was easy, indeed! One of my biggest challenge is classroom management. Thankfully, there's a structured system that makes disciplining simpler and less stressful. My dear ex student (now turned my sort of little sister :p ) Even, helps me with teacher duties and Im really blessed for that!

She's going off to college soon so I wonder who's gonna be my teacher assistant.Hmm.. No more talks of Taylor Swift and with the latest happening and whatnot. haha...I'll miss that!

6) My baby Zara

Our beautiful German breed Rottweiler puppy.

My advanced birthday gift for Gideon <3
We are both dog lovers and been wanting to get another doggy after Saphira, our baby Siberian ran way in my aunt's care. (so devastated you know ): )

The moment we saw her online through a breeder, we just fell in love with her and did our research on the breed. Rottweilers are known to be dangerous, they gained much bad reputation for aggression. But thats all due to poor trainer handling!

Trained and cared properly, they make the most loyal and wonderful companion and guard dog.
For now, Zara the puppy is being her puppy self - biting, chewing and practicing her huntress moves!
Seriously, its just so adorable watching her play with her chew toys, she'll crouch slowly and pounce on it like a predator catching its prey.

That is all <3
For now, as Im just covering major things. Do expect more blogpost coming up.
Gosh its 6 am now @___@

Hugs and Loves,