Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Twilight Breaking Dawn Winnings

On the 21st of November, I won a contest from NEF! (y'know the leading movie distributor in Malaysia?)

The prizes are quite worth it! - normally I dont like contest where you need to get yourself voted, collect likes..etc.. But hey.. its Twilight~ (giggles like those die hard vampire fan girls)

Consolation Prize x 3


  • 1 x Marry Me Fragrance 50ml worth RM253

  • 1 x Starbucks Hamper worth RM80
  • 2 x Cathay Cineplexes’ Platinum Movie Suites Gift Voucher worth RM40 each
  • 2 x The Twilight Saga: Breaking Daw Part 1 Special Screening Tickets
  • 1 x Limited Edition Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Merchandises Set
Anyway Here is how I won them :)
Making Gideon carry me! hee hee

We're supposed to imitate Edward carrying Bella.. Well since both of us arent blessed with lean long bodies, we just have to make do with the lack of height~ :p

Thanks goes to my lil bro Enzo for being director of the day, and Gideon for withstanding my heavy weight..

come on la..i just weight 44 kg..

Off to my prizes :) (the lovely bf went all the way to the Mines to get them~)

Me likey : Laptop Skin!!

2 tickets to a Platinum suite!
This was supposed to come by few days later~ not really a perfume fan though..

I thought the Starbucks Hamper includes vouchers~ But noo.. I got coffee beans.. haha

I'll blog about my movie experience :)
gotta rush off for classs~

Thanks you guys for helping me to vote :)
Just tell me anytime, i promise I wont ignore any vote request!

Elaira <3