Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our 5th Valentines

So its the end of February 14th, and like many thousand girls out there who celebrated, I too am now posting bout my day earlier and showing off pretty lovey pictures~ (muahahahah)

Anyway Gideon's safe and sound back from Bangkok (apparently he didnt contact me cuz of the lateness in buying a local sim...ahh well~) was so happy he could make it back for Valentines~ He got me some nice clothes and last night(meaning Valentines Eve) he surprised me with this:

I squealed with excitement.

Finally after 4 years I get to have my very own necklace that I know I will not ever take it off (unless of course there's an upgrade from Gideon :p ), will never ever misplace it and end up losing it to the world where missing things gooo~ ( I would love to visit that place one day..-__-)

So what did I give him?
I tell you its something you can never ever find in this world~
Its chocolates done by yours truly, me!

Ehh sounds so pro, but actually I tell you these chocolate babies dont require any baking experience, just some basic ingredients and a sauce pan and wala~

Honeycomb chocolate!
It tastes exactly like Cadbury's Crunchies~

Its Gideons favourite and Ive been wanting to try doing it. You need only some sugar, honey , syrup and bicarbonate powder and you my friend, can be chef!

I'll share my recipe soon ( i promisee!)

Ive been experimenting with the taste while Gideons away just to make sure.. here's a photo of the first test chocos me and Hazel did~

Its verrry easy. Like even a klutz like me can do it...

So anyway My valentines was spent in a cozy restaurant named Meatworks situated at Solaris Mont Kiara~

I know.. pro shot!

He's starting to smile more nowww! haha~

Yeahh wish my hair grows faster! 

The place is a little narrow but it'll do, staff are friendly though :)
I recognized many Phillipino waiters and I happily conversed with them~

We took the couple set which was worth RM 101~
So here's the appetizer to kick off the candlelight dinner:

Crispy toasted bread with meat sorta salad~
It was just okay, not so much of a cold meat tuna fan~

These were the drinks, named Love Potion~
Its supposed to mean the attraction that happend once upon a time back then.. being like magic~
well bada bing bada boom~
It tasted nice, and thats because I love sweet stuff. Haha.. 
Its actually cherries, sparkling juice and syrup ( I think )

For the entree.. Duck leg!
Honestly when I saw duck leg on the menu I thought I was never gonna be satisfied with just a piece of leg?
Well surely I was wrong.
This was something new for me,
it was served with the juiciest cranberries and these yellow stuff I just dont really know (okayy im a food klutz~) and they mix really well together!

Lamb ribs! Super delicious, the meat so seasoned you can just eat it bare even without the helping of the yummy sauce. Those black thingies are actually sweet potatoes! And they go well together as well~

By this time we were stuffed !

Lastly for dessert , 4 chocolate candies stored in a cute little box!
And ooh! peach white rose for me :P

And done!

I wish I blogged about my previous valentines as well,
Cuz honestly I cant really remember the previous 3 Valentine's  (The first Valentine's just too memorable)

Anyway Gideon if youre reading this,
Just wanna tell you.. thank you baby for all you've done for me 
I love you :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Off He goes~ Gideon's heading for Thailand

He flew to Bangkok yesterday,
and I still do not know if he's there safely or not 

just desperately want to know if he's alright.
I mean any sane person would contact their loved ones immediately after they reached right?

He's okay i guess,
cuz its a complimentary company trip~
He went there with Vince...
Poor Kat, yesterday was her 4 months "Months-sary" with Vincy boy~
And she didnt get to see him off :(

Snapshots of yesterday before departure :)

We really do look alike huh :)
When he comes back its Valentine's~
Still thinking how to celebrate~

In Mr Allan's BMW :)
He drives like a racer..

The guys in coat~
They'll be in Bangkok for company seminars and gala dinners~

Always the busy guy.
Haha :)


The pic below best describes the state of me and Kat.

Totally clueless//
whats up with our boyfriends?

Gonna try calling later~

 Kundu! I wanna hear from youu  wooiiiiii

KFC I city Scandal

Another video gone viral,
seriously.. do not underestimate the power of the internet :/

Here's the video showing the latest incident that happened,
A customer getting bashed up by KFC staffs in I-city..

Shocking aint it?
So apparently the victim (known as Danny Ng) along with his wife and sister were waiting for their turn for some finger lickin good chicken.
They waited almost an hour, close to 45 minutes..
Then the staff declared chicken was finished.
And that was how it started.

(Mind you I'd be terribly upset as well if I dont get my chicken after such a long wait!)

-Word exchange.

workers-grouchy:...ran out from the counter and attacked swat style upon the unsuspecting victim

In the video you could clearly see the gangster-ism manner the workers/staffs carry themselves.
Acting as if the victim was challenging them and intruding their territory.

Such unprofessional behavior,  
wonder why they were recruited in the first place.

Throughout the whole day this video sparked racial sparring amongst youtube and facebook comment boxes..
claiming that the victim first ignited the flame,
that he was the one who caused the conflict by insulting the workers.
(I dunno which is real, some claiming he insulted the Malay race and others said he was dissing their religion..and they all claimed they were there. o_O)

Here's some comments that were recently posted up..

Oh my words...
It will never change, will it?
Always the racial discrimination and such...

Im not standing by the victim's side or anything,
If he splurged insulting words then shame on him for his immoral upstanding.

But does that make it alright for the staff to hit him if he really did so?

I was so baffled when I read other blogs saying that it wasnt the workers' fault this incident happened.. the guy started it first..etc etc.. That the guy deserved his beating.

As if the workers did some damn heroic thing.

So does that mean if I were to enter into any KFC outlet and start insulting the staffs, its perfectly alright for them to start running out and bashing me?

Is their actions applaudable?

Come on people, we're living in the 21st century and yet racist games still being played every time a commotion happens.
 It is because of this mentality that our nation is going backwards.

Yes it may be a very busy day, sometimes there are some customers who are so demanding you just feel like beating the lights out of them when you are already so stressed.
But whatever the customer do, no matter if he was insulting you way up your tolerance level, you are still a paid employee who's job is to serve the customers. Not harming them.

Basic professionalism. Is that long gone here?

At total disbelief right now. -____-

Anyway the victim had a press conference to explain what really happened that day.

Whether if his story is true,
As there's 2 side to a coin...
you cannot deny the fact he was harmed by the staff and everything was recorded.

What say you?