Thursday, December 22, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Hey Guys :) I did my first Vlog.. in my entire 19 years of existence~ lol
So what's up?
Well Nuffnang is having a contest,
whereby a lucky blogger would receive a Iphone 4s from Digi!
Details here :)

So here's me ranting on the reasons why I wanna have one!

(The thumbnail of me sucks big time..
oh well~)

Check out Digi's awesome data plan for an iphone 4s here!
Just for RM 2090 instead of 2290 :)
You can even get it for RM 55 Monthly with auto billing!

Syok gila :p

Anyway, everythings better with the 4s,
camera is improved with 1080p HD video recording!
and of course the phenomenal personal P.A robot SIRI~

So..Why I wanna have one?

Check out my vlog :) 


Thursday, December 15, 2011

I hate Friendster!!

Logged into Friendster today
After so so long...

And I was...


Not from amazement..
But Horrified....

Everything was completely and totally Lost.
Instead of a social networking website,

Its a site full of crappy social games.

Aaahrgh, not all of us are game playing addicts with no life! come on, seriously??

I really panicked... I clicked every button, trying to find my way back to my profile..


All my photos, my testimonies (I loved how we used to share comments below our profiles) and importantly...Gideon's first message were all in Friendster :(

Those were nostalgic past and I trusted Friendster to respect privacy and not to delete them all off.
Now the admin says they can never return them back.

4.10. Where did the photos, blogs, comments, testimonials and all the other content in my old Friendster profile go?

As part of the reformat of the site, we had to remove some of the content of your profile including the photos, albums, blogs and most parts of the profile like the "more about " info, comments and the testimonials. Â All these data had been deleted and can no longer be retrieved.

If you have an account in the old Friendster, you don't have to register again to get in to the new one. Â You can still use your login credentials (to your old profile) to login to the new Friendster and edit your new profile to your liking.

Gone :(

This sucks big timeeee!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My 19th Birthday Bash - 9/12/2011

December has been my all time favorite month..
Of course because...obviously its my birthday month..
and duh.. Christmas...
4 years ago, its on December that I met Gideon :)
So yea. December's kinda awesome.

My 'finally turning into19' celebration was a string of events~~
It goes like this~

On the 8th,
Cheryl drove me out to Times Square to meet Hazel~ Katherine's busy with dance so its just a late night threesome :) (yishh. its a completely innocent phrase!)

Cheryl Me n Hazel

Dinner at BBQ plaza

Posing with the dragon


Hazel Belanja Fro-yo

And after that went to find Ms Kat for a Yum Cha session in a nearby mamak.
I just loved the moments with you girls.
Like the past being played back in the present :)

On the 9th,
I was booked by Mr Gideon Yap,
and He was all charming like he always is during my birthdays!
He'll do whatever I ask. :D Im soooo nice not to take advantage of this..

I just opted for a simple day out, no fancy restaurants or anything. Just a day only me and him~
So the venue's One U since I dont usually go there..

Underwater world in One Utama~

We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai- their unagis are exquisite :)

Very very filling and satisfying meal

Thank you dear :)

Had some stroll.. was actually searching for a pair of earrings like this:

Cant find them in the end~ so we headed back to the Yap's residence to watch this:
Red Riding Hood

So hot~ Shiloh Fernandez stars as Amanda's love interest~
Story's great! Creatively staged, though more adult, darker and sinister...
Will blog about it soon~

Time flew by and we headed to church for our friday prayer meeting :)
I knew there was gonna be a celebration..
And Im right!
Haha :)

After the prayers Aunty Daphne(Gideon's mom) Aunty Anne and the musicians blast out a Happy Birthday Music,
And I was pulled to the front
and surprised by..
Rachel's CAKE

YUMMMMM!! Durian Cake awesomeness

Being prayed over for blessings :)
That's Gideon's mom and dad,
both amazing pastors~

Finally the 'gang' resorted to go for a night scrummy supper~
@ Al Diafah at Sri Petaling

Ive only tried Arabian food at Hadramawt so kinda excited to try sumtin new~

Aladdin Feel to everything..

Cheryl back from a busy tiring day..

Kat at home in the exotic surroundings~

The girls~

Oh wow! Jacob Black!

The Kundus.

Vince the food conqueror.


The 3 couples and Taylor Lautner.

Veridict: was ok la :) Meat's tender and delicious!
Environment a tad bit too much.

Oh not forgetting....My gifts! :)

Books form daddy <3
-Power of Six, Eragon:Inheritance, The Lost Hero(Percy Jackson)
I finished them in exactly 3 days!!

From Vincy and His groovy dad Mr Allan :)
Wonderful BB cream~
New favourite!

From Cheryl and Daniel
- Haha apparently Im so into cooking this year. I didnt notice!
All the recipe's so varied and detailed :)
Great book.
Wisdom indeed.

From Aunty Daphne
-My own Cover Shot!
lovely :)

Enzo's idea.
Quoted from Gideon,
and also from Edward Cullen.

From Racheal Sachi~
Was on the cake

From NEF
ok not really a bday gift
Won it~~
With the help of Gideon and those who helped voted for me :)
Haha at first I thought Gideon proposed to me though.
Nice fragrant..:)

Gideon's got a surprise for me and I only get to see it next year.

That concludes my birthday.
I'd say this year's full of cheers..
And to be surrounded by loved ones.
Deeply appreciated and cherished

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Breaking Dawn experience (major spoiler)

Got to catch Breaking Dawn with Gideon...
One day ahead its release date :)
-premier passes thanks to NEF

Actually I wasnt really that hyped up, more calm and collected..
Must be due to one year of desperate longing. Lol

It just brings back a sense of nostalgia for me,
the day when i first read Twilight... and never looked back.

Anyway For those who have not watched, dont go on~
Major Spoilers Ahead!!



Now the movie opens with Jacob bursting out of his house, transforming into a raging wolf and speeding off to the lost horizon.
And the screen moves into a shot of Bella's wedding invitation...
Well he basically do that all the time.

Jacob Black :
1) The dude who cant seem to keep his shirt on
( Though in this episode he's more dressed up)
2) Anger management issue
3) Always running into the woods- wolf form when he cant take the heat

Anyway the wedding wasnt really that..well dreamy. Just practical~
I love how Charlie shows his reluctant desire to let his daughter off..
hinting he has a gun
so Eddy wont run away

The Denali Coven

Is it just me or do the vampires look off?
I mean look at Edward, he was supposed to be.. breathtaking..
He was in Twilight, but in Breaking Dawn?
hmm..not that ravishing I say? He doesnt attract me anymore,
I just think he looks ill~

And Tanya and the others?
If you look closely, their golden eyes are kinda creepy.
A little fake looking,
especially Irina~
They were supposed to be long, elegant..
extremely captivating..

But I just dont get the vibe.

Look at Selene from Underworld

She just oozes vampire beauty, pale skin... mysterious eyes.
you get the works!

Maybe the vampires in Twilight need a change in their choice of contact lenses~

Anyway... The whole movie I think theres many good scenes wasted,
There's always this emo kind of song in the background as Bella looks into a corner or something..

One scene I like though is Renesmee transforming~
I mean how did they do that??

I think she's perfect for the role :)

Anyway not so much on this episode this time,
just monotonous~
Hopefully part 2 will kick off with a bang!

Eddy's a father in law~ hahaha