Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Issues on Autism

Recently Ive got a offer to teach singing.
Not bad I thought, but Im still a learner myself!
To who then? Kids learning ABC's?

Oh Wait. No.
Its kids with autism!
My eyes widened and I searched it up..

Autism is an emotional disorder characterized by a profound withdrawal from contact with people, repetitive behavior, and fear of change in the environment People who have autism find it difficult to act in a way that other people think is "normal". They find it difficult to talk to other people, to look at other people and often do not like being touched by other people. A person who has autism seems to be turned inwards. They may talk only to themselves, rock themselves backwards and forwards, and laugh at their own thoughts. They do not like any type of change and may find it very difficult to learn a new behavior like using a toilet or going to school.

I was actually quite interested, excited even.
To learn new things. See and discover.
But Deep down I know its not easy..
Being a teacher myself, and tutoring fine mentally sound teenagers is already a tough enough task for me..
What more of these disabled gifted children?

Still pondering...

My dad forwarded me a video of this little Malaysian boy,
who had autism..
and he sang like an amgel :)
Touched my heart