Saturday, January 21, 2012

Modelling Event! Punk rock hair-do :)

My very first modelling experience,
this time for the public eyes to see~
(instead for an audience of one in front of my mirror :p)

My friend D  - who was the one who chopped off my long kept curly hair -
graduated last night with few others ~
Her theme was Rock N Roll, punky and chic ~
So I got a kick-a$$ Hair do with funky green highlight!

Kat came too,
she had this purple highlights that looks alot like the one Katy Perry has..

Cool right??
I never would have thought I can carry this look
Judging by my sweet innocent face..
(eeleehhhh- perasannn)
That's Kat in red :)
Can u spot her purpish hair?

Got to meet many people :)
Its fun mingling around and gettin to know each other more~

The person who got me here in the first place~
The amazing red head blogger JQ :) 
She's super friendly and nice!

My Stylist D!
Rock on babe :)

JQ, Me and Mimi the Pocahontas ~

Me with Sabrina - another stylist graduating..
Her theme was Dolly and Sassy~
Kat's under her :)

JQ and.. Sandra!
Who works together with my bf's sister
small world!
Cuz she's under D as well :)
Her purple highlights are amazing~~

Super cute Ann :)

This is one waaaaay tall model
She even walked like one!
Didnt catch her name though.

Sabrina and 2 of her models

D's sister and friend~
Rock themed~

More pictures in my FB album :)

I was there since 12 and went home at 9..

The event turned out okay, our walk was just in a small circle in the parlor ~
Clueless on the modelling
So just walked the walk
Pose and walk away
All done in 10 seconds :p

Everything was fine except one thing.

When we came back to the dressing room,
guess what?

Money mysteriously disappeared.!

JQ, Sandra, Kat, Ann.. They went to their bags and found wallets opened and cash empty!

I was so freaking alarmed!
I checked mine and sighed a HUGE amount of relief..

I had rm 300 with me and it was still safely tucked in my purse.

Whoever's responsible for the stealing,
May God bless your soul =___=

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awesome Shoe Designer in the Making..!

Hey guys! I was looking through my FB friends news update
and saw something that would knock your socks off!!
 (Or shoes off... to GET one of these! :] )

Observe the transformation of plain white sneakers!
All designed and hand painted by my talented friend..
Wan Xin Liew    =3

Amazing stuff right??
She's currently accepting requests! :)

For designs such as the one above..
(depending on size and colour)
It only cost about RM22 -RM 28

Whole shoe recolouring like above..
cost about RM30 - RM 38

P.S:*Price stated not inclusive of shoes:)
She's using mostly acrylics and sharpie markers
So rest assured as they wont wash away even when they come in contact with water :)

How to request?
Wanna know more details?
Just pop it here below in the comment box..

I'm still thinking on my shoe designnnn~


Anyway Here's some custom sneakers I found online,
haha :D

Go on~ 
Get your kicks pimped up
Who knows when this amazingly talented person goes BIG..
and then..
There's no chance to get it?

Lol :)

I think you should totally give her artwork a try,
Besides.. your shoes are gonna be the one and only of its kind in the world:D
Walk off stylishly with personalized kicks!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freshlook green contact lens

I bought my lens in an optic shop one day, it's amazing how prices drop over the years. The first time I bought a pair of freshlook lens coated about rm 60~ now you can get it for rm30 plus~~

here's some pictures of me in green..

It's not as green as I expected, if you look closely it's more earthly tone.. Like the shade of olive green.. It blends well with my dark brown eyes~

So if you're looking for a bold look. I wouldn't recommend this.. It's very natural, something I'm going for :) freshlook's got another green in store called Gemstone Green.. Very striking :)

For now I'm wearing it everyday and in surprised at how comfortable it is ~
I wore it since 7 am jn the morning till 11 pm in the night and it still stays in tact, moist and comfy :)

Loving it~

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Hillsong music cover :) A medley!

Another cover!
This time a medley~ :)

I was bored in tuition class today. No im not the student but the teacher.. Lol
Many cheeky students of mine did not come for class, so it was an hour wasted..
But not entirely as I had this sudden inspiration to do this~

Course it doesnt compare to Sam Tsui type of medley:p
Just me and my invincible piano (u cant see it in the video)

So Its all about Hillsong
I love them, I think we sing their songs most of the time at church
Cuz their songs are just amazing.:)
Full of anointing I must say~

what you guys think?
Please do let me know :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Coliseum Cafe @ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL

Before I go posting about my dining experience,
Happy New Year people :)
Its 2012 and.. Im 20.. (aahrgh)

Today's a public holiday, and naturally its a day I get to spend with my other half~~ :p
Decided to check out Coliseum cafe, along with my food lover friend, Vince~

When I heard the name I thought its gonna be decked out Roman style, serving grape-wines and other Latin-ish dishes~ But alas I was wrong... Instead its a humble little cafe nestling in between rows and rows of shoplots, located along a very busy street~ serving not Roman nor Greek food (as the name suggests) but plenty of Western and local dishes~

*Yes its opposite Kamdar :p (its got some arabic words on the sign, i guess the food's halal?)

I wouldnt have noticed the cafe if I passed by!
Time seems to stop still when you enter this place, bringing a sense of nostalgia~
Opened since 1921, its even older than my dad---World war 2 time period, how cool is that?

Im pretty impressed that the owners did not adhere or change the concept of the cafe..normally, washed out walls, old textile floor and smokey air does not scream out appealing~ But here it's always packed! Must be the post colonial charm it has in it! I heard the waiter's uniforms did not change since 90 years ago~

Its like walking into the saloons of the wild wild west! (or should I say wild wild east? :p) The tables and chairs are arranged as though in an old railway train, where the rich lavish in steak and wine~

So lets cut to the chase shall we? On to the meal! :

The prices are reasonable~ I wonder how long these menus were used?

Virgin Colada- I think around RM 8?
Those with a sweet tooth would like this :)
Pineapple juice.. Peaches...Grenadine syrup and more.. cant rmb~

For sizzling dishes, the waiter would bring out hot steaming ceramic plates and sizzle butter, meat and sauce for you to see~

Sizzling Rib Eye - RM 39.90
: Meat was well seasoned, I like the the fact they were generous with the sauce and also the potato wedges :)

NZ Lamb Chop - RM 36.90
Portion's just nice, chewy...was okay~

Grilled Turkey and Ham - around RM 17?
Its not everywhere you can find Turkey!
Taste quite good actually :)

Moving on, we called some desserts~
I tell you, you must absolutely try their Fried Ice creams!

This is a MUST try!
Served on sweet syrup, the bread crust retains just enough hotness and crunchiness while the ice cream inside melts gently on the tongue.

Its waaaay different than the ones you see served in Mamaks..
Its so good we ordered two :)

Fried Bananas and Ice Cream taste good as well :)
Another Thumbs up!

Mango Pudding~ I think RM 4?
Not a big fan, but being an avid fan of cream, Vince enjoyed it~

We were quite stuffed after the meal,
service was quick and prompt too :)
Overall I must say you should give this legendary humble lil cafe a try ~

  • Reasonable price for good food,
  • big portion - really stuffed...
  • fast service
  • Ambiance makes you relive the Sejarah Textbooks~

  • The place can get stuffy and smokey though, with all the sizzling service done in places near you..
  • Parking could be tad bid difficult to find, (though there is a parking space just behind..for RM 3 for the first hour and RM 2 for the next and so on)

Me with a bib :D

Add: 98 – 100, Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman, KL
Directions: Its located along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, take the left after the Swiss Hotel,
Its just opposite Kamdar.. close to Sogo Mall~

Tel: +603 2692 6270

10:00am - 10:00pm


Till next time