Thursday, August 16, 2012

Phillipines Trip 2012- Part 1 Manila

Its the windy + rainy season in Phillipines,
a fact i was not aware of until I was on the plane, thousands of feet above the sky,
feeling the plane tremble and shake while gripping the side handles praying the plane wont crash.
Apparently weather wasnt that great heading to Phillipines~

Seriously I was panicking, but when I look to the side, the passengers were like so chill and relax.
eating their Nasi Lemak and stuff.

Air Asia's Nasi Lemak is like freaking rm 9 -___- (I could buy 2 plates of Chicken Rice and drink a nice chill Iced Chinese Tea and still have 20 cents left. Lol at my frugality!)

So when we reached Clark airport, I was ready to kiss the ground~
It was also drizzling!

Anyway as I've mentioned, I went to Phillipines with my trusty sidekick!
My best friend Kat :)

(We look so alike huh?)

The main reason of going there was for a missionary trip, whereby me Kat and my church pastors will be ministering to some churches at Urdaneta, Pangasinan. (Thats like a province (a.k.a Kampung) area)

We went there ahead 2 days earlier to Manila, just to visit my relatives of which I've not seen in over 8 years!

My poor uncle,I call him tito(meaning uncle in tagalog) he has to take 2 days off just to fetch me from the airport and send me there again after a day. And it was a 2 hour drive from Clark to Manila.....


Kat, Me, Tito Rommel and Tita Lisa @ Max restaurant

When my family saw me I was hugged tightly, kissed in the cheek and greeted with smiles and adoration. SOOO LOVED OK? (sniffles)
It was good to be back at my mom's country.
The food,the people.. I've missed it :)

As I've expected, we received lots and lots of stares from people around when we go out.
Because we look different.
The funny thing is people keep asking if we're from Korea.

Since I understand Tagalog, sometimes I get a kick out of listening to their comments and pretending I dont get what they are saying.(Im that baddd)

'look! so pretty, are they koreans?'
"I think they're sisters.'
'say sarang hae yo to them!'

And then Ill translate to Kat in chinese and she'll laugh.
My uncle wasnt amused by the attention though, haha.
I love my uncle :) He's a policeman and he's like sooo tall and sooo protective!
everywhere I go he's like just right beside me and not letting me stray away~

One thing bout Phillipines is the love displayed in the family.
They're really tightly bonded, closed knitted.

I think if you were ever coming to my lola(grandmother)'s house, you'll be surprised!
cuz its like this house seperated into 6 or 7 rooms with each room containing her son/daughter with their own family!
Thats how close they all are!

These are my cousins, not all of them are here though. I think there are still 5 or more? anyway my grandma had 9 children :)

It was too bad I did not manage to take more photos,
and 2 days is simply not enough!
Plus the bad weather, it was raining and shining and raining back and forth the whole day - I couldnt really enjoy my whole stay there!
Well at least I get to see them. :D

They are all so nice :) They treated Kat like one of their own, even my lola who came to Malaysia before and met her..hugged her and welcomed her back to Phillipines.. calling her 'baby'. Awww :)

Kuya Dex and us :)
Kuya means older brother.
And older brother he really is!
He's a certified engineer! So proud of him :)

My mom's godmother and my Lola :)
Some say I look like my Lola.
Do I?

A photo that Me likey ! (cuz i look so cute ok. LOL)
This is Kevin, he's younger than me by a year yet he looks waaay much older!
He really changed so much!
Last time we used to fight alot when we're kids, and now I have to strain my neck to look at him cuz he's like so tall.

He and his brother Christian are like always in front of the camera,

Haha stole this pic from his FB, apparently he models.

This is my kuya Christian, he's a K-POP singer wannabe. 
He's really musically talented :)
I just publicized you two on my blog!
see how good am I!

Anyway shopping was a blast :)
I tried to maximize my time here since I dont have much chance to shop at Urdaneta.
And look at this!

They have soooo much varieties at their Starbucks!!

Malaysian Starbucks should include this Strawberry Cream!
Also, their regulars are RM 1 cheaper than ours.

I was glad Kat enjoyed the Manila visit.
As I said 2 days weren't enough. :(
Hope I can come back soon.

Miss you guys :)

Almost complete family photo :)

Lots of love :)