Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bangkok Day 2 : Sampeng Market and Terminal 21

2nd Day itinerary 
25/11/2013 (Mon)
9am: breakfast
9:30am: stroll through sampeng market 
12.30pm: have lunch at KFC Yaorawat(situated inside Tesco)
1:15pm: head to hotel to rest and dress up 
2.30pm: head to Terminal 21
4pm: tea time at Pier21@terminal 21
4:30pm: continue shopping at terminal 21
6pm: head back to Yaorawat 
6:30pm: dinner at Yaorawat 

Sampeng Market
Sampeng market at Chinatown is some 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel.. You'll spot it once you come to a turning into an alley with many stalls on the side. 

Prices here goes by wholesale~ Everything can be found here except for clothes! 
Get a luggage bag here as it is cheaper than other places selling the same ones. 

My vintagey luggage at Sampeng Market

I got this simply because it looks pretty but trust me, it isnt enough for the amount of shopping I was going to do the next day! My solution for space was to buy a big hand carry plastic cargo bag that costed like 80 baht (RM8).

Things from Iphone covers to blankets...etc

My favorite shops here include a cosmetics store, it's ran by Thai Chinese merchants and they give real good prices. They even converse in mandarin so it makes buying easier.

Some Cosmetic Haul from last year's shopping
Even if some of their make up products are knock off counterfeits, you can't really tell the difference~~ I bought a counterfeit Benefit Nude pallet just for the fun of it, and went to compare with my friend's authentic one. We could barely contrast both~ 

Terminal 21
Anyway after our stroll at Sampeng Market, we head back to rest. The next shopping destination is Terminal 21, I wanted to come here as I've read so much about it on other blogs. 

Basically it's a shopping mall designed in the concept of an airport. Every floor of the mall is very unique as each carries a theme of different countries - Rome, Paris, Japan, Istanbul, London, San Francisco...etc...

Looks like an airport right?
This would be, hands down, the most interesting and pretty shopping mall I've ever been.
The designers in charge of beautifying Terminal 21 are real good! They pay attention to even the smallest details. 

Every floor has a Departure/Arrival board

For such a beautiful place, it is natural to see photo crazed females with cameras in hand running around everywhere and taking pictures with just about every displays! No exception for us~ :p

Make sure you go to all the washrooms on different floor! They match the theme of the floor they are on, its really fun to see~ Here are some photos and selfies below..
San Francisco Bridge

I wont spoil much of the toilet discovery fun for you :) Anyway this is Paris washroom theme~ so classy :p

My favorite floor: London :)

Sumo statues at Tokyo Floor

Mission statement : Take photos in every washrooms!

Even staffs dress in themes! I'm posing with a royal guard~ hehe
Giant Oscar Awards at Hollywood Floor :)

Anyway after the relentless photo taking sessions, our tummies growled. I would recommend going to the foodcourt called Pier 21 for some good reasonably priced food.

Pier 21 - designed like.. well.. like a pier :)

Here's a thing about Bangkok's foodcourt, you dont pay for your food directly at the stall. Instead you acquire a sort of foodcourt debit card by exchanging however much money you want at a counter, and spend that money in the card. Remaining balance can be refunded back. :) I like this system as it is really quite systematic and hassle free. 
(Remember to refund your money on the same day, if not you wont get it back anymore...)

The foodcourt debitcard like card

Most food we ate here tasted meh. The Tom Yum was ok, I had oysters and it was so so as well.
If Im not mistaken, green curry fried rice is really recommended here and so is sticky mango rice.

Spot my favourite Mango rice!
This coconut icecream tasted even better than the one at Chatuchak!

Tokyo floor has many little boutiques that shouldn't go uninvited! There are quite some gems and are in reasonably good price. I got a nice  high waist floral skirt for 390 Baht and my students got a number of tops here below the price of 300 Baht. If you see something you like here, grab it! :) There are  many stores selling men's clothing at London floor, and also a shop selling everything ducks!

Skirt from Tokyo Floor 
I got this Star Ducks shirt. It was too cute. Its actually for children, I got it in the size of XL and it fits fine. :)

After that we head back to Yaorawat to have our last dinner there.
So that concludes my 2nd day at Bangkok! Till thennnn~~