Saturday, February 16, 2013

After a Long Hiatus!

Dear bloggie of mine,

I must apologize for neglecting you!
So many things happened and the world kept spinning, I just coudnt find time to update!
(Okay well maybe I do have time, but the trip from my room to the computer outside is just so darn far. -___-)

In just a blink of an eye, its 2013 already.
Soo soooooooo much time has passed.
Here I am now in the living room. having another round of insomnia(its 4:30 am..) finally deciding to update cuz my fingers are twitching and I miss writing.

I shall recount on major events that occured after my last post, which was about my trip to Phillipines~

1) Hair Extensions During November 2012

New Hair Extensions :)
Referring to my previous post about my hair, some may be aware that I was not too happy with the condition of my mane. Since the day I chopped off my beautiful wavy ash-brown curly hair last chinese new year, my hair did not get any better. Its been a year now, my hair has not grown much (due to some trimmings cuz of split ends). I was so desperate I went searching for an alternative other than clip on extensions and such.

Fortunately I came across a blogger who reviewed a good salon providing extensions service. I must say it costed a bomb!I just went ahead and did it anyway, and I am much happier!

How I like to Style my extensions :)
I did it at IP salon, Leisure Mall. Its mid February now and the hair condition is great! That is saying something because I kept exposing them to heat, they look slack and dull if not curled or waved. Most  of the time I just used the no heat method though, through curlers and hair foams.

I know I mentioned Im not gonna do any drastic changes to my hair for a year, but I couldn't help wanting to try something new. There is something about hair that affects your whole outlook! And besides, the extensions are tied in with rubber bands, no damage done.

2) I turned 20 - December 9 2012

Gosh I feel so old.
My birthday was great and thats because Im surrounded with great family, friends and my beloved boyfriend! 

3) Shopping Paradise at Bangkok 

All my shopping!
I was so looking forward to Bangkok, I couldnt sleep the night before the flight. Gideon gave me a sum  of $$ for my shopping expense as my birthday treat <3

I went there primarily to shop fro my Christmas and CNY clothes :p along with Gideon, Rachel and James. We went to China town, Khaosan Street and of course, Prathunam>>Paradise!!
I just went berserk , looking at the prices of the clothes. A dress that is priced rm 35 here in Malaysia is just RM 13 there at Bangkok. Wowza~ 

See the heart and star necklace? Its just freaking RM 3 each, the rose slippers only rm 5!
I am definitely going back there to restock my closet.

4) Maid of Honour for Miky's wedding

My friend Miky had the most beautiful wedding Ive ever witnessed :) It was such an honour to be able to be a part of the joyous occasion, even more so to be a bridesmaid and also maid of honour.Hazel, Cheryl and I got to dress in beautiful pale pink dresses and wearing cute floral halos. It was really sad  Katherine couldnt join us though, she had the pox. :(

Honestly, I have not a single idea on how to be a MOH, I only see them catching the bouquet that was tossed by the brides in the movies! I wished I could have helped out more, but I dont often see Miky.. I really learned alot planning the games for the bridal door event, observing Miky in her wedding planning stage. A wedding simply isnt done in a day! It took so much effort and time @__@ Nevertheless, all the hard work paid off. :)

The full Bridal party! (I nearly slipped - whoopsie.. :p)

Here's wishing a Blessed marriage to the beautiful couple
Miky and Bryan <3

5) Teacher/Supervisor at T&D Homeschool

In case you dont already know, Im a teacher.
Yes, its hard to believe baby faced petite little me is in fact a teacher, not teaching kids but hormones raging teenagers!

Homeschooling isnt new news in Malaysia, its been around for the longest time in fact. Yet many arent aware of this education system. Its legal here in Malaysia, many parents sought after homeschooling as an alternative to the local government school. 

I really like my job. Hehe.
Other than writing, singing and among other things, teaching is one gift I realized I had within me after completing high school. Here, Im in charge of about 20 teens and I supervise and guide their work, monitor learning progress and set aims and goals for them.

No one said it was easy, indeed! One of my biggest challenge is classroom management. Thankfully, there's a structured system that makes disciplining simpler and less stressful. My dear ex student (now turned my sort of little sister :p ) Even, helps me with teacher duties and Im really blessed for that!

She's going off to college soon so I wonder who's gonna be my teacher assistant.Hmm.. No more talks of Taylor Swift and with the latest happening and whatnot. haha...I'll miss that!

6) My baby Zara

Our beautiful German breed Rottweiler puppy.

My advanced birthday gift for Gideon <3
We are both dog lovers and been wanting to get another doggy after Saphira, our baby Siberian ran way in my aunt's care. (so devastated you know ): )

The moment we saw her online through a breeder, we just fell in love with her and did our research on the breed. Rottweilers are known to be dangerous, they gained much bad reputation for aggression. But thats all due to poor trainer handling!

Trained and cared properly, they make the most loyal and wonderful companion and guard dog.
For now, Zara the puppy is being her puppy self - biting, chewing and practicing her huntress moves!
Seriously, its just so adorable watching her play with her chew toys, she'll crouch slowly and pounce on it like a predator catching its prey.

That is all <3
For now, as Im just covering major things. Do expect more blogpost coming up.
Gosh its 6 am now @___@

Hugs and Loves,